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Holy Trinity is a parish  where a genuine love of the Lord is alive and well.  Our faith family is ready and eager to welcome you and your family with open arms.  As Catholic Christians we seek to proclaim, celebrate, and live our faith joyfully and to express our love for Christ in works of charity. 

May you find our website a helpful introduction to our parish and its various ministries and services.  Please feel free to contact us, or better yet, come and share our prayer and worship! 

Pray with the Church's daily Scriptures


Glory Be To The Father, And To The Son, And To The Holy Spirit, As It Was In The Beginning, Is Now, And Will Be Forever.  Amen!    

Question of the Week


Fourth Sunday of Easter

Called to be Shepherds

Reading I        Acts 4.7–12 (the stone that has become the cornerstone)

Reading II       1 John 3.1–2 (recognizing the Son)

Gospel             John 10.11–18 (the Good Shepherd)

Key Passage    Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” (John 10.11)

Adult:   Whom are you shepherding in your life right now, and who shepherds you?

Child:   Who has been like a shepherd to you by their example? For whom could you be a shepherd?


Walking Toward Eternity: 

Daring to Walk the Walk   

  (By Jeff & Emily Cavins)

Walking Toward Eternity is an inspiring series designed to help participants live their faith more fully. Through daily prayerful meditation with Scripture (lectio divina), you will be drawn into an intimate and   life-changing encounter with Christ.  Daring to Walk the Walk, the first series of Walking Toward Eternity, introduces seven key virtues and outlines practical steps for living them out in daily life.  Holy Trinity will host this 8-week series on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. beginning Thurs, April 30 until Thurs, June 18.  Register by April 19—Sign-up sheets in the Gathering Area.   Ph. Brenda (306) 530-1412.